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Who Is This For? 

Whether you are new to wedding photography, considering starting a business, or even if you have been in business for a couple of years, this course is for you. 

What Will We Learn?

Together we will breakdown some of the biggest issues for wedding photographers, before, during and even after the wedding day. We will discuss planning our photography needs with the couple, review creating a customized photo timeline for each wedding, how to express what you need and how to make sure that you are communicating accurately and positively with your clients. We will work together on a styled session, capturing the details of the day and learn how to move quickly and accurately through a scene, utilizing primarily natural light. Make sure you bring your camera! 

We will close out our day by reviewing post-wedding activities like culling images, editing workflow routines, presenting images to clients and how to connect/reconnect successfully with the wedding vendors involved in a wedding day. And what day of learning would be complete without a Q & A? We will officially close our time together with a candid Question and Answer for Michelle and have a very special raffle from some of our amazing sponsors!

BONUS MATERIAL - We will go over some marketing basics - strategizing how to get the most out of FREE marketing opportunities and how to stay productive in slow seasons. 

Hands-On Learning?

We will have hands-on learning with TWO completely unique styled wedding sessions during the workshop with almost all of the details you would see on a wedding day, curated by an amazing design team of Chicago professionals. Invitations, wedding cake, wedding table, flowers, and of course a bride and groom! We will learn how to accurately and quickly take the detailed images that we need, read the lighting of a setting and take images that are accurate and clean. Michelle will be leading the group in the best ways to take photos of the bride and groom on the wedding day, showing how to ease their stress and fatigue but also offering tips on communicating properly so that the best results are within your reach. 

You will have time to shoot on your own for two additional hours throughout the day, with Michelle nearby to give guidance if needed. This hands on learning will offer each student the opportunity to apply what they are learning immediately while allowing you to have some new and stunning images for your own portfolio. It really is a win-win situation!  

What to bring

Make sure that you bring your digital DSLR camera, a lens that you are comfortable using in versatile situations, a notebook to jot down valuable information, a mind ready to learn and a smile on your face!

Take Aways

Not only will you leave with new wedding planning knowledge and the hundreds of images that you have successfully captured of the gorgeous stylized sessions, but each attendee will be given a take home bag with over $300 in giveaways from our sponsors just for attending! Additionally, we have larger gifts/prizes that will be given throughout the day in the form of raffles. I wanted to make this even more special for each of you so I am offering as much value for you as possible! 

The Details! 

When - TBD / Fall 2018

Location - Chicago, Illinois

Price - Tickets $599

Includes refreshments, snacks and lunch. Seats are very limited so act quickly! 

If you are a full time student, please contact me (via email) prior to booking your ticket. Discounts may be available.


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